Design Service

Do you visit Farm Girl Junk to get inspired, decorate your home and get lost in all the Junk?Well have no fear the Farm Girl is here!

I often hear from visitors that they visit the store each month to see what I’ve come up with or what I’ve hung from the ceiling now! For me that’s the BIGGEST compliment!  A lot of you ask me where I come up with my ideas and honestly, I sit down with my notebook, pencil, laptop and Mocha (don’t forget the Mocha) and start to sketch out the road map for the coming month.  I page through picture on our facebook page to remind myself what furniture is left and take note of what is coming in for the next sale.  Then I start to dream and drink mocha.  I start placing the furniture around the store and all of a sudden my map is full. Now once we get to the store either we stick to the map or well we try and stick to the map. Sometime some of the items don’t quite fit where I had originally planned and then well its back to the drawing board- well not really, I visit each room of the store to search for what can go where and where the piece that was supposed to fit in that spot can go now.  It’s a little game we like to call “Junk Janga“. Ok, so now you’re asking what does this have to do with design service, well here goes.

Farm Girl Junk is proud to announce our very own Design Service!!!!  Now what does this all mean. Well the Head Farm Girl will help you with all your home design & style needs.  Don’t ask me what to wear though, unless your style is a hoodie, jean and cowgirl boots – 😉

Paint Color Consultations:  

I will help you choose paint colors for one room, 2 rooms of your entire house . Ever wonder what color to paint a piece of furniture well wonder no more.  I can help you find a new color for your favorite or not so favorite piece of furniture and make you fall in love it wil all over again.  I can even paint it for you or offer you assistance in tackling the piece yourself.

Personal Shopping/Decor Installation: 

If you can’ find it at Farm Girl Junk then let us find it for you.  I will hunt down that perfect item for you, load it in my truck, deliver and put it in the perfect spot in your house.

Room/Space Styling:

Does your living room need to be more lived in and comfortable? How about a that home office, does it need more productive flow? Does your bedroom need to be more relaxing?  I’ve got you covered.  I will work with what you have and suggest what to add or remove.

Seasonal/Holiday/Event Decorating:

Want your house or event to look like Farm Girl Junk?  Or just want a new or seasonal update to your home or event your planning?  Give us a holler we can help!