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Farm Girl Junk is Moving!!!

YES, yes you just read that right!  Farm Girl Junk is moving!!!  


We have come to a huge halt in Carver and with all the problems we have had over this last year with water in the building and the goat path getting destroyed every month not allowing us to have the backyard open, we just can’t stay anymore.  The quirky little spot was a great starting spot for us (well minus the water) but its time to say good-bye and move to a new spot where we can be open more and offer more to our wonderful customers.


We are also closing our Mankato Location and bringing everything under one roof to better server you.


SO, enough all ready were are you moving!!!  We’re moving to WACONIA!!!  Yes, Waconia.  I got a little tip last week from “The Stash” that a space two doors down from them was open.  Well, I drug the FarmBoys over there to take a look and they approved!!!  This is HUGE as we all know I will need both of them to make all of this happen.


So where in Waconia are we moving exactly?  The address is 38 West Main.  We are taking over the Lindemeier Heating & Cooling space.  We are located on the same block at The Wild Bird Store, Unearthed Arts, Neubauer Chiropractor, Elite, The Stash and Travel Easy!  It’s also right across from Klein Bank.


So when are we moving?  We will have our last sale in Carver December 7th-10th and in Mankato December 14th-16th. I hope to be open in our new location in February 2018


I’m super excited to make this move.  It’s time to grow this little hobby I started almost 5 years ago into a business.  I’m exited to be open every week, offer more things such as, expanded paint lines, the opportunity for classes and most of all main level entry!  Not having street access over the years has really been hard for me and y’all as well.


It just seems appropriate to announce this so close to Small Business Saturday. The day you are encouraged to visit and support your favorite small business.  So come and visit me on Saturday November 25th, help me empty the stores. Both our locations are open from 10-5.


I hope y’all are as excited as I am to make this move.  My anticipated open date for the new Waconia location will be February 2018. Keep your eye on our Facebook & Instagram pages for all sorts of updates and little peeks of whats to come!


<3 Carrey, Jay, Tyler and the rest of our Farm Girl Junk Family

The Farm Girl Story

If you’ve visited either of my stores and asked me how I got started in this business you probably got an ear full.  I like to talk and i like to tell people my story.  If you don’t know the story I’ll tell it below.



I started selling at the end of the block at the gas station in Carver.  I used to have a “Real Job” where my boss let me decorate my office how I wanted.  We’ll that lead me to my favorite shopping dentition “The Occasional Shops of Carver” I found a harvest table at The Good Junk Garage to use as my desk, a super awesome locker system with a butcher block top from Ms. Macs and lots of other cool stuff from the rest of the shops.  Never in a million years did I think I would have my own shop there a few years later.  See my boss knew the lady who owned the shop in the gas station.  He told her I had decorated my office in all the junk she sells in Carver, she told him to give me her number. We connected and I started selling in her space.  At the end of the year her lease was up and she was not sure what she wanted to do and I had my full time gig so I was fine just giving it up, I had my fun.  Well at that time, my good friend Ms. Mac told me that the space under her’s was going up for rent.  I was like no way can I do that.  I don’t have time, Tyler’s a senior, I have a full-time job no way no how.  But something in the back of my head said “maybe you should check it out”



At this point in my story I will tell you it was a hard decision to make, and when I have a big decision to make I usually ask my son.  He’s been giving me great advice since he was 3. His words were “Mom, I can’t be your hobby for the rest of your life…I said “Yes you can” he says “Let me refraise that , mom I won’t let me be your hobby for the rest of your life you need something for yourself.  You’ve done stupider things in your life you might as well give it a try” and you guessed it I went for it.


About 5 months into Farm Girl Junk our store flooded and we found out that the FarmBoy had Cancer.  I was not ready to give up, I had just really got started and as my son said, I really needed something for myself. We plunged forward, cleaned up the mess, got thru the cancer and moved forward . Every month I would look forward to escaping reality for a few hours to come to my “Happy Place”  and work, move junk around and make it look beautiful for the shopper who would come down the steps every month.


About a year and a 1/2 into Farm Girl Junk I realized I really didn’t want to work full-time and wanted to spend more time with my family.  Jay and I were working opposite shifts and we didn’t even get to have dinner together and if you have had a conversation with me you know just how important that is to me.  I took a different job where I could work from home and less hours.  Fate had a different plan for me and after about a month into this new job I was let go.  Now I know the man upstairs was looking out for me because that man I was working for would end up to be the man who killed his family and took his life as well.  I figured I would work at the store while I looked for a different job and things would go back to normal.  Well the more I worked at Farm Girl Junk the bigger it got and the more I put into it the more I got back.


Well here I am 4 1/2 years later and I not only have my Carver store but a new second location in Mankato.  I feel like all I really do is work but its so rewarding to see Y’lL walk down the steps and into the new shoppe every month.


My family is still my focus and they both have started to do their own little things for my little shop.  The FarmBoy fixes all the furniture and moves furniture in and out of the stores and the markets I do.  The FarmKid has found his thing and is building beautiful home-sawed lumber for the shoppes.


I can not Thank Y’lL (yes spelled wrong because this is my trademark) for shopping my store these last 4 years.  I’m truly blessed to get to do what I love each and every day.


So there you have it….the Farm Girl Junk Story.

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas!

If you missed us last weekend for our regular November Occasional sale then you are in luck.  We will be open on Saturday November 19th from 10am-3pm for a one day Holiday Pop-Up Market!


Ms. Mac’s AntiquesThe Good Junk GarageSassy Kat Boutique & Carver Flowers will also be open tomorrow for our Holiday Pop-Up Market too! You’ll want to stop in at A Cup of Carver for your favorite Holiday Treat! * We recommend the Blended Mistletoe a Farm Girl Junk & Ms. Mac’s Antiques Favorite!!!

Join us Saturday November 19th from 10-3

Join us Saturday November 19th from 10-3