Custom Furniture Painting

Did you know that Farm Girl Junk offers custom furniture painting services?  Well we do!!!!  From chairs, side tables, dressers, kitchen tables, buffets & hutches!


We use only use the finest ChalkPaints around.  Farm Girl Junk is The Plaster Paint Company’s newest dealer (though we have been using their products for over 5 years) . We also Hand Brush your furniture. Spraying is available upon request but these Farm Girls prefer the good old fashion way of doing things to assure your furniture is beautifully painted.


Farm Girl Junk along with Meshed Designs are  Certified Retailers and Paint Workshop Trainers of The Plaster Paint Company. Click here to find a listing of our current workshops and sign up today!


We work with you to refurbish your furniture the way you would like.  We specialize in half wood half painted pieces. Our style is leaving the top and drawers of a piece in natural wood and enhancing and modernizing the pieces by painting the rest.


Below are starting prices.





CHoese Plaster Paint Certificate

AHaugen Plaster Paint Certificate




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